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Closing article 2/4


As part of my project closure 2013 (pertaining to the pre-audit of the user environment), the overall structure of my Netfolio is about to be updated as follows:Continue reading

Anti-plagiarism protection

Integrated a Copyscape anti-plagiarism banner into all websites of my Netfolio.Continue reading

Netfolio consolidated!

With a longer than expected (cross-border) transfer time of my domain name, I took the opportunity of the resulting pause for thought to free myself from the ".fr vs. .net" hesitation, and go for "" as my main domain name, considering that the ".fr" extension is more transparent an indicator of nationality than ".net", whether it serves to authenticate the identity of an author or of the network of which (s)he is the initiator.Continue reading

New main domain

Within the context of the reassignment announced in my article of 2013-09-27, please note that the present Blogfolio, currently hosted at "", will soon be republished to "".Continue reading

ToU, traceability and domain names

ToU for network profiles
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this demo version of my Netfolio (dedicated to the .net perimeter) is temporary, which means that it serves no commercial purpose. It is knowledge-engineered so as to create some sense of conceptual emulation around my NetPlusUltra® program under organic incubation, with a view to providing as many self-regulated application examples of the life project website model, as there will be web authors to adopt the latter as an alternative to the social networks.Continue reading

Migration: completed!

Here we go! I completed the migration of my portfolio over to OVH this morning, with the publication of the third version of my life project website: which means that "" will temporarily replace the Jimdo equivalent thereof, initially published at "", for the time it will take to move over the domain name as well.Continue reading

Portfolio reshuffle

As announced in my recent web project status update, my pre-audit of the web-based Content Management System as provided by Jimdo is coming to an end. Since my product in development is a knowledge-intensive web service, which places me in the Network Service Provider's perspective, I am about to migrate my portfolio over to the "app-enabled" (source-to-target) publication method on a shared web server (to be dedicated to the purpose of my web program). This is why my changeblog updates are currently less frequent.Continue reading

Timeline consistency

"Up next" changeblog section:
Updated my article of 2013-07-17 (pertaining to the "Funding" section).Continue reading

Graphic signage

1) Ended the publication of update posts on the "Site Info" page (the changeblog takes over);
2) Added an RSS redirection icon under the navigation sidebar;
3) Updated the "End Credits" page (with an RSS redirection icon).Continue reading

Website split-up

Work in progress:
1) Life project: step-by-step development and publication of the "Funding" section;
2) Life project: preparation of the upcoming website migration to version 1.2 (RapidWeaver-based);
3) Dashboard: preparation of my RSS-enabled program dashboard 2014 (RapidWeaver-based).Continue reading


Updated the "Portfolio" page (by adding a reference to the changeblog).Continue reading

RSS feed

"Funding" section:
Published the English version of the introduction.Continue reading

Best practices

Publication of an article on the weblogging rationale.Continue reading
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