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Closing article 3/4


Following the upcoming transition from my Netfolio 2013 to the Profolio 2014 extension thereof, the two modules dedicated to my initial "life project" perimeter (Curriculum/Infolio and Genesis/Lifefolio) will remain hosted and developed at their respective web address.Continue reading

CV matrix

Since the NetPlusUltra® formula is first and foremost a matter of knowledge engineering, i.e. of placing the knowledge acquisition process into multiple perspectives with a view to virtualization, I would like to introduce a matrixed CV model (still under construction), to help you rediscover the many possibilities of the weblog technology in terms of the reconstitution of a life path and content integration.Continue reading

New domain names

Within the context of the reassignment announced in my article of 2013-09-27, please note that my life project website, currently hosted at "", will soon be republished to "".Continue reading

Portfolio reshuffle

As announced in my recent web project status update, my pre-audit of the web-based Content Management System as provided by Jimdo is coming to an end. Since my product in development is a knowledge-intensive web service, which places me in the Network Service Provider's perspective, I am about to migrate my portfolio over to the "app-enabled" (source-to-target) publication method on a shared web server (to be dedicated to the purpose of my web program). This is why my changeblog updates are currently less frequent.Continue reading

Good migrations!

Creation of, as part of my website upgrade to JimdoPro.Continue reading

Life project

Creation of (JimdoFree) and development of version 1.0/2013, along with my discovery of Realmac’s RapidWeaver 5 software (under consideration since 10/2012 as an alternative to MS FrontPage 2002 and iWeb).Continue reading
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