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Closing article 4/4


Last but not least: since this time of the year is dedicated to reviews of all kinds, which is also about turning the page on a reopening, I am offering you a final retro-prospective pertaining to this pre-audit 2013 (guaranteed without budgetary slippages!):Continue reading

Closing article 3/4


Following the upcoming transition from my Netfolio 2013 to the Profolio 2014 extension thereof, the two modules dedicated to my initial "life project" perimeter (Curriculum/Infolio and Genesis/Lifefolio) will remain hosted and developed at their respective web address.Continue reading

Closing article 2/4


As part of my project closure 2013 (pertaining to the pre-audit of the user environment), the overall structure of my Netfolio is about to be updated as follows:Continue reading

Closing article 1/4


As you know, my pre-audit 2013 of the user environment is coming to an end. Which means that the present Blogfolio is about to be republished as a sub-domain archive (at, where it will remain available until my web service is operational, whereas pre-registrations in demo mode will continue in 2014 through my Dashfolio (professional dashboard), due to take over in January at the present web address ( reading

End station!

I would like to wish all those who feel concerned an excellent transition into the new year, and will meet you again right after Christmas for the closure of this Blogfolio 2013 (which will remain available after 2013-12-31 as a sub-domain archive).Continue reading

Step 4

Squaring the first reporting cycle, or the art of framing it right:!Continue reading

An author's testimony: issue 6

About the proof-of-concept rationale: reading

Step 3

The third module of this conceptual four-step dashboard for web authors who have understood what European intellectual property law is all about is available at!Continue reading

Anti-plagiarism protection

Integrated a Copyscape anti-plagiarism banner into all websites of my Netfolio.Continue reading

CV matrix

Since the NetPlusUltra® formula is first and foremost a matter of knowledge engineering, i.e. of placing the knowledge acquisition process into multiple perspectives with a view to virtualization, I would like to introduce a matrixed CV model (still under construction), to help you rediscover the many possibilities of the weblog technology in terms of the reconstitution of a life path and content integration.Continue reading
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