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Closing article 4/4


Last but not least: since this time of the year is dedicated to reviews of all kinds, which is also about turning the page on a reopening, I am offering you a final retro-prospective pertaining to this pre-audit 2013 (guaranteed without budgetary slippages!):Continue reading

End station!

I would like to wish all those who feel concerned an excellent transition into the new year, and will meet you again right after Christmas for the closure of this Blogfolio 2013 (which will remain available after 2013-12-31 as a sub-domain archive).Continue reading

Step 4

Squaring the first reporting cycle, or the art of framing it right:!Continue reading

Step 3

The third module of this conceptual four-step dashboard for web authors who have understood what European intellectual property law is all about is available at!Continue reading

Step 2

How to tell your little story, without missing the big picture? Find out for yourself at!Continue reading

Step-by-step tour

It is a pleasure to announce the further development of my web toolbox, with the publication today - as I move over to my pre-audit debriefing 2013 - of the first step in any planning process: "Once upon a time…".Continue reading

New domain name

Within the context of the reassignment announced in my article of 2013-09-27, please note that my Testfolio, currently hosted at "", will soon be republished to "".Continue reading

Version 1.2 online soon

The present website is about to be (automatically) switched over to "", as part of the update of my main domain name. As soon as the latter is operational, I will publish the third and entirely revised version of "" at the multi-domain address thereto.

Thank you for your patience.Continue reading

eXtreme deProgramming

After nine years (2004-2012) of instructing the intellectual property issues of Windows eXtreme Programming, which was like having to dig one's way through the leaks in the underlying OSI model, migrating over to Mac OS X Mountain Lion in October 2012 came as a confirmation that there is light, at the end of the tunnel. To resume the instruction where the programmed obsolescence of the XP logic forced me to freeze it in November 2009, a conceptual pre-validation of the Mac OS X user experience was nonetheless unavoidable, considering that a well organized network is the aggregate result of what end-users configure at computer level!Continue reading

Version 1.1 online!

Publication of the second version of, with the website theme template selected for version 1.2 of my Lifefolio module. Used for the sole purpose of interpreting the RapidWeaver 5 specifications properly.Continue reading

Web toolbox

Publication of the first version of (prematurely replaced due to a "#" sign issue in the code of the selected website theme template).Continue reading
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