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End station!

End of my website update to version 1.1, with, for the "Site info" section, the addition, development and publication of the "System Map" and "Portfolio" pages.Continue reading

The pith and marrow

Addition, development and publication of the "Black Box" pages.Continue reading

Starting point

Publication of the "Help Yourself!" page, under construction since 2013-06-19.Continue reading

Unfool yourself

Added a "Help Yourself!" draft page under "What Now?".Continue reading

Readers' guide

"Multimedia" section:
1) Renamed the "Terms of Use" page into "Copyright" and moved it over to the "Site Info" section;
2) Moved the pages "Step 1", "Step 2" and "Step 3" over to the "Network" section.Continue reading

Website reshuffle

Migration of the "End Credits" page and the "Feedback form" from the website’s part 1 (.info) to part 2 (.net; please refer to the "Sitemap" in the "Site Info" section).Continue reading

New section

Start of my website update to version 1.1, with the addition of a "Site Info" section.Continue reading

Web audience

Installation of a Jimdo-enabled "GoSquared Tracking Code" widget.Continue reading
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