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You are on the RSS dashboard to program NetPlusUltra®, a master franchising solution whose purpose it is to enable web authors concerned about the future of the internet to follow through the implementation of the formula by the rules of the art in terms of applying the principles of intellectual property law. Let us start with a four-step overview:
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The self-inflating embryo of an idea is burgeoning in your head, which makes you feel overwhelmed by an urgent need to find a solution to bring it through to completion? My Testfolio Alpha, conceived as a return on my user experience 2013 pertaining to the comparison of web publication options (app-based as opposed to web-based), will suggest answers to questions you would be wrong to not ask yourself!
Infolio & Lifefolio Modules
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« All this is theory, but how does it translate into practice? ». If this is the question which preoccupies you, I can only advise you to take a little detour through the genesis of the NetPlusUltra®  formula on my life project website, before continuing with the dedicated blog categories thereto (Infolio and Lifefolio). If you have already made it through that tunnel, then this RSS feed should appear all the more applicable to you!
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You are perfectly convinced of the conceptual integrity of the NetPlusUltra® process-oriented approach, and would like to make yourself helpful on a specific problem-solving perimeter by pre-subscribing in demo mode to this web authoring initiative? All you have (left) to do is get in touch through the contact form (which is locked towards adding value) to be registered in my directory of prospective members after having been properly presented in the forum blog thereto!
Dashfolio Project
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The « .info » and « .net » stages (which correspond to as many levels) hold no further secrets for you, and you are wondering when the NetPlusUltra® web franchising service will finally be operational (to get us out of the buzz version which has wrecked so much collateral counterfeiting havoc during instruction phase 1/3)? This first RSS-enabled dashboard will keep you posted on the advancement of program NetPlusUltra® against the background of its systemic complexity.


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