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Closing article 3/4


Following the upcoming transition from my Netfolio 2013 to the Profolio 2014 extension thereof, the two modules dedicated to my initial "life project" perimeter (Curriculum/Infolio and Genesis/Lifefolio) will remain hosted and developed at their respective web address.Continue reading

An author's testimony: issue 6

About the proof-of-concept rationale: reading

An author's testimony: issue 5

Everything you always wanted to know about the Stargate, but were afraid to ask ("Issue 5"); from some body who has experienced it that way and no other! And since it takes to see it to believe it, this webpage has its own dedicated playlist.Continue reading

An author's testimony: issue 4

As previously announced, I have returned to content development, with the publication of the fourth episode of my financial saga, pertaining to the organizational dimension ("Issue 4").Continue reading

New domain names

Within the context of the reassignment announced in my article of 2013-09-27, please note that my life project website, currently hosted at "", will soon be republished to "".Continue reading

Closure of my online CMS audit

1) Final update of my Jimdo-based website before content archival and domain name transfer (of "") to OVH;
2) Deletion of the JimdoFree changeblog ("") and closure of the related account.Continue reading

Migration: completed!

Here we go! I completed the migration of my portfolio over to OVH this morning, with the publication of the third version of my life project website: which means that "" will temporarily replace the Jimdo equivalent thereof, initially published at "", for the time it will take to move over the domain name as well.Continue reading

Ever wanted to be a web writer? Now you can!

At a time when it is difficult to escape immersion effects brought about by ever more invasive technologies, it also becomes clear that it is not enough to have hallucinating true stories to tell, to be enabled to render the latter in sensorial high-fidelity to an audience cognitively saturated of running in vain after lost time. It takes a formula to save one's soul from such a sectarian cauldron, and it seems to me that my Lifefolio website model, to which this blog is dedicated, is self-explaining enough on the root cause of that. Since there is not much left to be demonstrated - so far - on solutions having to enforce their way through default patches, I will use this RSS update feed to let you know about complementary contents of all relevant sorts as I stumble across them during my conceptual web watch activities.Continue reading

Portfolio reshuffle

As announced in my recent web project status update, my pre-audit of the web-based Content Management System as provided by Jimdo is coming to an end. Since my product in development is a knowledge-intensive web service, which places me in the Network Service Provider's perspective, I am about to migrate my portfolio over to the "app-enabled" (source-to-target) publication method on a shared web server (to be dedicated to the purpose of my web program). This is why my changeblog updates are currently less frequent.Continue reading

An author's testimony: issue 3

"Funding" section:
Published the page dedicated to the economic dimension ("Issue 3").Continue reading

An author's testimony: issue 2

"Funding" section:
Published the page dedicated to the legal dimension ("Issue 2").Continue reading

An author's testimony: issue 1

"Funding" section:
Published the page dedicated to sanitary and social dimensions ("Issue 1").Continue reading


"Funding" section:
Published the German version of the introduction.Continue reading

Timeline consistency

"Up next" changeblog section:
Updated my article of 2013-07-17 (pertaining to the "Funding" section).Continue reading

Web audience

Removed the Jimdo-enabled "GoSquared Tracking Code" widget.Continue reading

Graphic signage

1) Ended the publication of update posts on the "Site Info" page (the changeblog takes over);
2) Added an RSS redirection icon under the navigation sidebar;
3) Updated the "End Credits" page (with an RSS redirection icon).Continue reading

Website split-up

Work in progress:
1) Life project: step-by-step development and publication of the "Funding" section;
2) Life project: preparation of the upcoming website migration to version 1.2 (RapidWeaver-based);
3) Dashboard: preparation of my RSS-enabled program dashboard 2014 (RapidWeaver-based).Continue reading


Updated the "Portfolio" page (by adding a reference to the changeblog).Continue reading

RSS feed

"Funding" section:
Published the English version of the introduction.Continue reading

Return on experience

1) Added the "Funding" section (in preparation);
2) Updated the "System Map" page of the "Site Info" section.Continue reading

Program NetPlusUltra®

Updated the "High Stakes" page (with a new book reference in the French bibliography).Continue reading

End station!

End of my website update to version 1.1, with, for the "Site info" section, the addition, development and publication of the "System Map" and "Portfolio" pages.Continue reading

The pith and marrow

Addition, development and publication of the "Black Box" pages.Continue reading

Starting point

Publication of the "Help Yourself!" page, under construction since 2013-06-19.Continue reading

Unfool yourself

Added a "Help Yourself!" draft page under "What Now?".Continue reading

Readers' guide

"Multimedia" section:
1) Renamed the "Terms of Use" page into "Copyright" and moved it over to the "Site Info" section;
2) Moved the pages "Step 1", "Step 2" and "Step 3" over to the "Network" section.Continue reading

Website reshuffle

Migration of the "End Credits" page and the "Feedback form" from the website’s part 1 (.info) to part 2 (.net; please refer to the "Sitemap" in the "Site Info" section).Continue reading

New section

Start of my website update to version 1.1, with the addition of a "Site Info" section.Continue reading

Web audience

Installation of a Jimdo-enabled "GoSquared Tracking Code" widget.Continue reading

Content and form

1) Preparation of version 1.1/2013 (global website update);
2) Preparation of a future self-hosted RapidWeaver 5 version of the website (v1.2/2013).Continue reading

Best practices

Publication of an article on the weblogging rationale.Continue reading

Good migrations!

Creation of, as part of my website upgrade to JimdoPro.Continue reading

Life project

Creation of (JimdoFree) and development of version 1.0/2013, along with my discovery of Realmac’s RapidWeaver 5 software (under consideration since 10/2012 as an alternative to MS FrontPage 2002 and iWeb).Continue reading
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