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Closing article 1/4


As you know, my pre-audit 2013 of the user environment is coming to an end. Which means that the present Blogfolio is about to be republished as a sub-domain archive (at, where it will remain available until my web service is operational, whereas pre-registrations in demo mode will continue in 2014 through my Dashfolio (professional dashboard), due to take over in January at the present web address ( reading

The NetPlusUltra® Webfolio

I am taking the opportunity of this project migration to the pre-audit debriefing stage thereof to announce the parallel (i.e. matrix-based) development of the three NetPlusUltra® websites (.info/.net/.org) which I am planning to dedicate to the registration of prospective affiliates. The objective of this program upgrade to premium design is to convey the image of an author-to-author web solution which, without losing its independence, is devised to provide much more conceptual room for expression than a web-based publication platform.Continue reading

Return on experience

1) Added the "Funding" section (in preparation);
2) Updated the "System Map" page of the "Site Info" section.Continue reading

Program NetPlusUltra®

Updated the "High Stakes" page (with a new book reference in the French bibliography).Continue reading
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